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Alfred Kulici 

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A little about LaContea….


Mr. Kulici is currently pursuing his professional  chef career here in Louisiana.  After 25 years he has devoted an exasperating amount of time and creativity to the art of food and hospitality.  Consistency and culinary drive sets his goals to constant expansion and entrepreneur opportunities that are currently unfolding here in Louisiana with his co-owned Jabby’s Pizza which most recently opened its fourth location here in Baton Rouge.


One of Kulici’s favorite elements of being a family owned establishment is his ability to be on premise with his patrons everyday.  His most enjoyable aspect of his day to day position is cultivating lasting relationships with his patrons.


LaContea Italian Restaurant has now been open since February of 2017.  The modern Italian ambiance and cuisine is touched with elements of traditionalism and flavor that brings more nuance to the idea of comfort Italian food.  Mr. Kulici finds a delicious balance with his seasonal changing menu that features wonderful fresh seafood options such as Chilean Sea Bass and classic elegant favorites like Duck Confit.


Mr. Kulici just released his most recent updated seasonal menu as of November 2023.  


With over 170 different wines to choose from, LaContea is constantly expanding its repertoire to create a masterpiece selection that truly has something for everyone.  When on premise Kulici will invest attention to intentional wine pairings for his creative dishes and has several wine suggestions for a wonderful dining experience.  


LaContea offers a full service bar with classic brands and local distributions alike.  


Mr. Kulici gives extreme attention to detail with the selection and maintenance of every element of his establishment to create a wonderful and enjoyable environment that keeps people coming back again and again.  His love and passion for culinary excellence and creating a memorable environment is very apparent in the flavor and consistency of his restaurant. 

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