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Buisness Meetings

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Event Catering Options and Generalized Procedures 


Note: All Guidelines and Procedures subject to waiver or flexibility if needed based on the event. If you have questions and want more information on booking events of any kind reach out to our management staff and we would love to work with you to book an event that meets your needs!


Events Overview

  • Parties 16 people and More - May Require Set Menu Based on Date and Time 

  • Lunch Menu Not Applicable to Parties 16 People or More at One Sitting

  • No AV Equipment or Entertainment Equipment is Provided by the Establishment 

  • Glitter, Confetti, and Sparkler Candles are Not Permitted by the Establishment

  • Separate Checks for Large Groups is AVAILIABLE.  We have no issue splitting tickets for guests to pay for their own meals and ordered items. 

Deposit Overview 

  • A Check or Credit Card (CC) deposit may be required in varying amounts ($100.00 / $500.00) to hold a reservation.  This Deposit is non-refundable if the reservation is canceled.  Otherwise the deposit is held with the reservation invoice until the time of the event and it is then disposed of.  The deposit funds are not accessed by the establishment unless the host of the event cancels their reservation, it is simply held on file with the host/event information. 


Non-Private Events 

Broad Specifications for booking a large reservation without needing a private room. 

  • No Minimum Spendature is Required

  • Deposit Required for Some Guest Counts and Special Days 

  • Deposit for Large Tables - if Required - $100 

    • Check or CC


Private Room Events

Broad Specifications for booking a large reservation and wanting a closed private space. 

  • Minimum Amount Spent Required to Host a Private Event in our Private Dining Space and Close our Private Room to the Public. 

  • Tax - 10% and Gratuity - 20% Additional to Minimum Amount Spent 

    • Weekday Lunch and Dinner - Groups Spent Amount Required - $500.00

      • Tues. Weds. Thurs.

    • Weekend Lunch - Groups Spent Amount Required - $1000.00

      • Fri. Sat. Sun. 

    • Weekend Dinner - Groups Spent Amount Required - $2500.00

      • Fri. Sat. 

    • Sunday Dinner - Groups Spent Amount Required - $1000.00

Party Maximum Accommodations 

  • Non-Private Groups 

    • Max group that can meet without having a private space - 36 Guests 

  • Private Groups 

    • Max group that can meet in our private space - 60 Guests


Cake Fee - $20.00 

Wine Bottle Corkage Fee - $20.00 Per Bottle

Gold Chargers
Table Runners
Flower Arrangements
Name Cards
Private Bar
Ballon and Photo Arches
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